Adam Sandler For Wolverine?

Reading this headline could do only two things for a normal American – it pumped you up and you are ready to take on the day knowing good things might happen , or you just ran out of your basement and broke the drivers side mirror off of your moms Honda Pilot.

Adam Sandler, aka Happy Gilmore, aka Billy Madison, aka Bobby Boucher, aka The Zohan, aka a billion other characters created by a man whose comedy transcends time. You’re going to tell me Adam Sandler wont be hilarious playing the old man in every comedy movie in the year 2040? This is the reason we need him as Wolverine NOW.

Sandler crushed it in Uncut Gems and it was probably one of the biggest Oscar snubs of all time. While I definitely didn’t watch the awards show, reading tweets about him not being nominated really ruined that week of my life.

1. With the right setting for Wolverine, Sandler could take this character deeper and darker than we thought possible. I’m talking Joker level emotion. The previous X-Men series ran its course and died (or at least should have) with Logan. Now we need a reset, a new backstory for Wolverine to set everything up.

There have been rumors that Marvel may want a younger Magneto, which would obviously make a Holocaust survivor origin story untenable, so why not pass it to Wolverine? Do you understand how emotionally connected Sandler would be to the character if the Wolverine origin story took place during the Holocaust? 

2. The man gets yolked. He can turn it up whenever he needs to. He got shredded for Zohan for God’s sake! Plus as we saw in Eight Crazy Nights the dude is an athletic freak.


3. Hugh Jackman will forever be Wolverine just like RDJ will always be Ironman. We can find a younger person to try and take that role on but they will flop and be compared to Jackman forever. Sandler would make Wolverine his own, he could never be Jackman and you would never expect him to be. He would be his own Wolverine, another character mastered.

Now, wait a minute…what about Zac Efron? Is he actually the perfect Wolverine? Efron is attractive, shredded, dedicated and getting older and I could see it happening. I dont know how good the movie would be, I’m just saying it could be him.

Or is he better suited as Batman? Or is that Shai LaBeouf?!

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