The Morning Heat Pack 05/04/2020

Happy Monday and especially, happy STAR WARS day.


What Happens When a Nuclear Reactor Shuts Down in Middle of a Pandemic?

J. Crew Files for Bankruptcy in Virus’s First Big Retail Casualty

Customer Leaves $1,300 Tip to Support Restaurant Affected by Covid-19 Shutdown

Taco Bell Rolls out Home Taco Kits for Cinco De Mayo

New York

New York Waives Mental Health Costs for Frontline Pandemic Workers

State Lawmakers To Hold Hearings On COVID-19’s Impact

Every Star Wars Movie: Ranked


Has the NFL Given Up on Cam Newton?

MJ Stands Firm on ‘Republicans buy sneakers’ Quip

Retracing the Histories of “The Next Michael Jordans”

Ranking the Best World Series

Charles Oakley Blames Patrick Ewing for Knick’s Failures to Beat Jordan’s Bulls


A Streaming Guide to the Best Old Hollywood Movies

Star Wars’ Official May the Fourth Video Contains a Powerful Message of Hope

Disney+ Releases New Concept Art for May the 4th

Amy Poehler, ‘Parks and Recreation’ Pals Raise $3.5M with Reunion

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